Third Party Reviews

J. M. Dorn | September 04, 2018 |

"Had product put in my hair they made it look thin and greasy, told getI didn't like it. Her solution was to try wetting it down. I said no good, you're probably going to have to wash it out. She just kept adding stuff to it. Now I've got to go wash my hair, cause apparently that's beyond understandable to this stylish. Was setup charged full price despite making my dissatisfaction known."

Brandon Stiebs | September 05, 2018 |

"Recommend making an appointment otherwise your not prioritized and may have to wait a little bit. Great service though the ladies acted professional."

Tina Peterson | August 31, 2018 |

"My partner and eldest son both got haircuts, I didn't think the quality of either cut was amazing, just good. For them it was quick, simple and an okay price. They were pleased with results."

Brandon U. | August 26, 2018 |

"Horrible service!! Called to say I would be there in 20 minutes. Showed up 25 minutes before close, only to be told to go away!! Drove 30 minutes and was even told to come in.!! Will not be back. Bad business! Horrible unprofessional staff!!"

EXT1NCT1ON D.A.D GAMING | August 18, 2018 |

"So went to a salon in Walmart who butchered mine and my sons hair, we came right to sports clips which we didn’t even know about and they took care of us and made us feel welcome and gave us a haircut that was a+, if you don’t knOw about sports clips great stylist and great people! Get to know them, go online see if there is a wait!"

Stu Bowler | August 12, 2018 |

"I showed up 30 mins prior to them closing and they turned me away. I will be reporting them the higher headquarters."

Geo | August 17, 2018 |

"Maria is fantastic!!She has an extreme passion for what she does. Maria believes in quality over quantity. If perfect is what you seek ask for her. She is very talented with fade hairstyles."

Grant Krull | July 21, 2018 |

"I like this place alot. Always leaving happy with the way my hair looks."

Carly Zingler | June 30, 2018 |

"My fiancé and son went to get a hair cut it looks like they went through the weed whacker! Omg never again!! One side is longer than the other the bangs looks like a river on a map... seriously! Then the nape of the neck looks like he's wearing a plastic helmet.."

Kelli Smith | June 27, 2018 |

"Husband and son love Appleton Sport Clips!!! Stylists and MVP are the best!!!"